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/ An optimum energy supply is founded, firstly, on intelligent energy and load management and, secondly, on electricity storage. Short-term energy storage units transfer the energy generated during the daytime to the evening and night-time period and can provide a single household or an entire residential area with an optimum energy supply by means of a battery. Pumped storage electrical power stations enable large energy reserves to be quickly stored and delivered when needed.
/ Long-term storage units store excess power over long periods, e.g. from summer to winter. Electrolysis or methanisation plants are used to produce hydrogen or, in a second process, methane, which is easy to store and feed in to the existing natural gas network. Hydrogen is an excellent solution for road transport and logistics applications using vehicles fitted with hydrogen fuel cells. In peak load gas power plants, gas from renewable sources is converted back into electricity. This electrolysis process
is also used in the lower power range, e.g. for energy-independent single-family homes
or mobile communication base stations.
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Photovoltaic power plant
Wind farm
Hydroelectric power station
Energy-independent single-family home
Communal storage unit
Pumped storage electrical power station
Central electrolysis/methanisation plant
Hydrogen refuelling station
Gas-fired power station
Energy-independent mobile communication base station
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Green intralogistics

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